The day was 13th April when we reported that Hackers are going to Launch a Cyber-Attack on USA and from that day they started to deface some websites, after that some more websites, just now we got a Message from the  Mauritania Attacker Who is one of them participating in the #OpUSA, they messaged us the link in which they claimed to hack 40000 Facebook Accounts.

Today they also released a Video message to OBAMA in that looks like they threatening OBAMA about the 7th May 2013 which is the date on they are going to launch #OpUSA like Anonymous Hackers did  on Israel (#OpIsrael) last 7th March 2013.

Hackers told us that they are going to give a huge loss to USA by Launching Cyber Attack on 7 April, also told that will be more harder than #OpIsrael , so let’s talk about today Facebook Hack of 40,000 Accounts.

They send us the link of Hacked Facebook Accounts in which there are 40,000 Username, email and passwords (MD5 Hash), they represent themselves like this:

#OpUSA #40000 Facebook Users Hacked By Mauritania Attacker #Greetz : Virusa Worm – SpitFir3 – Man Sykez – Deto Beiber – BL4ckc0d1n6 – K4C3 Undetected – SAW-19 – Sky Lion – Kais Patron – Ian Surgent – Gbs Aremiey – B0o3nAs – Mr Domoz – RetnOHacK – BilalSbXtra – Dr.SaMiM_008 – Tak Dikenal – Hije – Chahid inj3ctor – b3ta -Morrocan InjȜctor -Ad3loS Inj3CtÔr – Rehber Khan – Eagle Eye

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