As we reported last Last week that Google Kenya Domain was hacked and the latest stuff is Google Oman domain which was attacked by Hackers, the incident is of Sunday Morning after Google came to know about this they fixed the Page into its original State.
Hacker who attacked Google Oman Domain identifying himself as Z0mbi3_Ma And SQL_Master, hackers replace the Colorful Logo of Google with the Black Screen and have a Text name Hacked 


According to Information technology Authority (OCERT) clarified that the attacker had not actually hacked the website. 

“It is a Domain Name System (DNS) cache poisoning type of attack,” Eng Badar al Salehi, director of OCERT, told Muscat Daily 

“Normally, a networked computer uses a DNS server provided by the computer user’s organisation or an Internet Service Provider (ISP). DNS servers are generally deployed in an organisation’s network to improve resolution response performance by caching previously obtained query results. Poisoning attacks on a single DNS server can affect the users serviced directly by the compromised server or indirectly by its downstream server(s) if applicable,” he added. 

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