Hacking group Anonymous yesterday targeted websites of Child Porn in the name of (presumably unofficial) national pedophile day, known as “Alice Day”.

Alice Day is named after Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland after some speculation about his attraction to the child.


So naturally, Anonymous used the opportunity to take down the website and encouraged people to report suspected pedophiles to the police.


Anonymous Hackers working on their #OpAliceDay and they also prepared a list of websites they attacked, they also taken down the Nambla Website in protest of Pedophile dayNambla is the website of the North American Man Boy Love Association.


It’s not just you! looks down from here.#OpAliceDay
— ReportAPedophile (@ReportAPedo) April 26, 2013


Here is the List of  their Targeted websites against Child Porn:


Anonymous Intro on #OpAliceDay

Greetings World,
We are Anonymous.
April is child abuse awareness month, and coincidentally it is also a month in which child rapists, molesters and abusers celebrate a particular holiday. On April 25th, Abusers worldwide celebrate the holiday Alice Day, named after Alice Liddell and, “Alice In Wonderland”, originally Pedophile Pride Day.
We call upon all Anonymous Operatives to come forward and march with us as legion. To deface and cause chaos within the pedophile networks.
We Are Anonymous,
We are legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us!
What @ReportAPedo said ?
It was pretty much taking pedos websites down and spread awareness about child abuse and child sexual abuse. Not many ppl pay attention to pedophiles but they are out there many of them we spend about 7 hours taking several websites down and after that others Anons individually took down many other pedo websites
This is not Legal but we agree their work against Child Porn
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