Anonymous started their #CISPABlackout with some websites which started to support Anonymous against CISPA and keep their website down but the Latest news came which will really a shocking one the US COPYRIGHT WEBSITE is down really a BAD NEWS for U.S who passed the CISPA.

From many days Anonymous is collecting their members to take down their websites on 22/04/2013 (TODAY) some of them with Anonymous but some of them refused, Anonymous also appealed to high profile websites like Google, facebook and many others which is popular on the Internet but no one knows that Anonymous going to give a hard Cyber-attack to US by defacing


Below is the Screenshot of is taken by Anonymous Hackers themselves but seems US personally taken down the site because it is taking too long to respond. 

Tweet of an Anonymous Hacker 

Blacked out #TANGO #DOWN copyright.govU.S. Copyright Office l #CispaBlackout…

— Anonymous SkY (@AnonymouSkY) April 22, 2013

The question is also appear WILL CISPA PASS??? 

No Body has answer of this Question some websites and users really think that this is a Blockage on their Privacy and some of them think that this is Excellent it will improve Internet by Less Spam and Attacks. 

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