Again a Hack as a gift from the Anonymous Hackers to North Korea , on every 2nd day  gifts (hack) are being present by Anonymous to North Korea as we reported that on 30th March some govt. Websites have been taken down by hackers after that on 2nd we published about Anonymous hackers claimed to have 15,000 passwords from North Korea’s

Now Anonymous hacked North Korea’s official Twitter and Flickr accounts , Like they leak 15,000 passwords from the and posted details of just six of the accounts that they have claimed to have gotten it seems that Anonymous have been a big issue for the North Korea , so they will be thinking of get rid of Anonymous.

Here’s a screenshot of the hacked tweets, the first of which was sent at 22:45 PDT on Wednesday.

Click to Enlarge (Image credit to

Similarly, a distinctly Anonymous image has been uploaded to the country’s Flickr account, while books and music store and (the website for a North Korea-linked political regime in South Korea) have both been defaced to show images lampooning North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

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Yesterday they also pasted on pastebin #OpNorthKorea Release-2 in which they said many things like:

Because of North Korea’s new threats today we are forced to contact you again.Within this release we also take the chance to set some things straight about our goals, because it seems some web citizens didn’t really get it right

They also send there message through the Pastebin release   to :

  • @ Kim Jong-un
  • @ government of USA
  • @ governments of North Korea AND of USA
  • @ tech blogs and media
  • @ citizens of North Korea, South Korea, USA, and the world.

They also released 9001 records of North Korean propaganda site hosted in China.

Pro tip: first row is the admin password

  • part1:
  • part2:
  • part3:

We came to know about this when we are searching what is happening in North Korea now and we found this at



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