Anonymous is doing their all efforts to down and Erase the Israel from the Internet that’s why they can’t loose any trick to do that under Op #FreePalestine. 

As you know everywhere at Anonymous Countdown has been started and many websites have been defaced till now they are increasing in Minutes no in seconds we will say.

We are updating websites which are being defaced by Anonymous Hackers for #Opisrael see it here.


We just saw a Tweet on twitter that you can also be a member of this #OpIsrael by giving Israel a Dose of DDoS yes Anonymous giving this service with Webhive DDoS, their Tools and giving you the complete video how you can do that, it’s really interesting, now what will happen with Israel till Morning God knows. 

We cannot describe you more because we don’t have permission to teach you hacking or paste any hacking links here  so you have to go below just drag that link and copy-paste in your browser and see what’s the message of Anonymous for you. 


Ddos: 10 minutes every day to keep the troubles away! 

Keep the fire on as much as you can. 

Never worry to check targeted sites. 

You can run webhive safely with Firefox & Tor ( or any VPN, by that you can leave your pc running overnight. 

IP Protection VPN List: http:see directly from the above link we can’t paste that here. 

If we are doing good so please support us by liking us on Facebook let others know us.



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