It seems Hackers working hard for #OpUSA, we reported 7 Activities of Hackers in Last 12 Days you can see the report below, now the 9th one comes that Ins0mnia Hackers have defaced 9 Websites and 2 twitter Accounts under #OpUSA, it looks interesting.

We got a Mail from Ins0mnia Hackers that they have defaced 9 Websites and 2 Twitter Accounts under #OpUSA, also an interesting Tagline they added that MORE TO COME LATER TONIGHT. Which completely says that they going to hack some more stuffs tonight?

Here is the List of 9 Websites and 2 Twitter Accounts they hacked:

  1. (fixed) (4/22/13)
  2. (4/24/13)
  3. (4/24/13)
  4. (4/24/13)
  5. (4/24/13)
  6. (4/24/13)
  7. (4/24/13)
  8. (4/24/13)
  9. (4/24/13)

Twitter Accounts

  1. @dearmilspouse twitter account
  2. @USMCHangout twitter account

7 Activities we reported on #OpUSA

  1. After #OpIsrael Hackers going to Launch #OpUSA on next 7 (Its time to USA) reported on 13/04/2013
  2. Anonghost Team started injecting USA by defacing websites for #OpUSA reported on 14/04/2013
  3. Press Release cum Short Note released by Hackers who are taking Part in #OpUSA reported on 15/04/2013
  4. Latest #OpUSA Message released by Hackers (we gonna launch a big attack against The USA Network) 16/04/2013
  5. 4 USA Websites Defaced under #OPUSA by Hackers- A Start for #OpUSA reported on 17/04/2013
  6. A Press Release from Hackers to OBAMA and USA Citizens under #OpUSA (With Online Tools) reported on 21/04/2013
  7. Hackers Claimed to Hack 40,000 Facebook Accounts under #OpUSA 23/04/2013

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