As Everyday something new was spoken by Hackers for their #OpUSA that we will destroy USA or We gonna Launch a Big Attack on USA , so time started it seems they are pumping up themselves for 07/05/2013 because Hackers have started Defacing some websites of USA which are given below and Hackers already warned USA that #OPUSA will be harder than #OPIsrael so sit back, relax and wait for 7.

#Legacy Group USA HaCked By AnonGhost
#PreLabs – Contract Research Organization of USA HaCked By AnonGhost
#Auction World Usa Hacked By AnonGhost
#American Small Business Alliance Hacked by AnonGhost
They share this Information with us about 5 hours ago and we checked the websites they are still defaced and showing the Image which we have posted above and one interesting Image of Obama see below:
A Message  given by Hackers on their Defaced Page which is:
Click to Enlarge
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