Hackers claimed to hack 350,000 customer accounts of Libiya Telecom Technology (LTT) after hacking their website, which also includes some Government Ministries now they also are vulnerable.

About LTT

Libya Telecom & Technology (LTT) was established in 1997 as a private company by Muhammad Gaddafi. LTT remains a state owned monopoly continues to dominate the sector. LTT is Libya’s most-used service provider, and much of the country’s 5.6% (380,000 user) Internet penetration is attributable to its DSL and WIMAX services. Muhammad Gaddafi was the Chairman of LTT and all telecom companies in Libya.


Libiya Herald talked to the IT Manager and one of the founder if Electronic Front Libiya, Ali Tweel, he told Hackers gained access to customers’ personal information, including passwords, and some high-level business and government accounts. He added that this is not the first time that LTT, the country’s main internet service provider, has been hacked. “This has been happening since 2011,”

The “I Hate LTT Campaign” group on Facebook published a proof of the hack, you can see below the copy of the databse of subscribers which belongs to Tripoli University, The full list contain 790 accounts.

email list data

The hackers have, however, removed the passwords from the posting. Other people who have apparently broken into one of LTT’s two servers, one of which houses customer data, are less cautious. A seven-minute screen cast video has been posted on YouTube, purportedly giving a step-by-step guide on how to break into the LTT server.

Source- Libya Herald
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