A news from a Twitter post is coming that a web designing company SILENT BLAST website has multiple vulnerabilities in swf upload and we tested them they are working , when we are on twitter we saw a post from @Inj3ct0r they posted:
We have tested dork which is given below here is the screenshot
index list

The Complete details from Inj3at0r is below:

Title : CMS Provided by Silentblast Interactive Multiple Vulnerabilities

# Date: 2013-03-15

# Software Link:

# Credit: This Bug was founded by Asesino04 “The Black Devils”

# Tested on: Windows XP SP2

# Category: [webapps]

# Dork : inurl:/admin/includes/swfupload/


Xss[ XSS ]


you can upload files and remove others

image upload yu can bypass it and upload  a shell

then you’ll find your file here

and from here you can easily change the logo picture

# Demo :

You can check the Direct Link



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