For Operation Israel which is becoming popular for its attack on Israel Infrastructure, here is one more example some Anonymous Hackers dumped 600,000 Emails and Password (in Encrypted Form) from the famous Web Portal of Israel “WALLA” which is famous for providing News, Search and Email System and some other things also.
This is done by Anonymous Activists “AnonSabre” they have dumped data which are following:-

  • Email Address
  • Passwords MD5 Hashes
The Most important thing is that they  have posted this complete info socially on Pastebin but the bad thing  is that they are becoming that the page is removed J as u all know this has been banned for the Copyright Violation and that Information contained sensitive Information.

WALLA” is saying that the Information which was leaked on the Internet socially they all are useless because they are saying that the passwords which were pasted on pastebin they all are in Encrypted form but they forgot that some softwares are available in the market for decry-pt them.

The #OpIsrael campaign was announced last December, and according to Anonymous, is for the “children and families in Gaza that are suffering as a result of the policies of the Israeli government.”



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