Recently a Cyber attack on HSBC bank had been done by which HSBC users were in really problem to access and a recently claim on that news is coming that a Hacker Group named “FawkesSecurity” claimed that they have managed to get 20,000 debit cards details by the recent attack on HSBC and they have informed by a tweet.


They have informed about this by their twitter account and on the day of hack HSBC was saying something about the security that was “This denial-of-service attack did not affect any customer data, but did prevent customers using HSBC online services, including Internet banking.” . 

If we think about that who is saying the truth so on asking the Hackers for any proof of this claim then they have replied that We’re debating whether to release them or not, HSBC knows debit details were intercepted, They probz won’t admit it tho,”. 

A video from Fawkess Security on #Operation HSBC



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