A recently news is coming that Anonymous Group of India has hacked the Bhartiya Janata Party website and they have done all of this hack just because for the protest against inflation and corruption which is increasing day by day in India and we also think that it is really increasing.

In India recently Govt. hikes the price of diesel and approves for the 51% Participation of FDI in multi-brand retail, the cartoon controversy and the kudankulam power project.

After their messages on the defaced webpage of B.J.P they wants people to join India’s Nation Wide #Occupy India Ground Protest and they have suggested some location for this which will hold on 23rd September 2012.

  • Delhi: India Gate
  • Bangalore: Freedom Park
  • Chennai: Marina Beach
  • Kolkata: Park Street Crossing
  • Mumbai: Azad Maidan
  • Pune: MG Road
  • Kochi: Subhash Park

Hackers Voice

WE are calling to the people of India to join the movement now. Time to start a mass movement to remove the corrupt politicians, and correct the system in a way where the people holds power and the representatives are puppets of the people which is opposite of what it is today. India you no longer can sit at home and think that the politicians along with their draconian system will solve the problems of this country for you. You yourself has to get out and get it done. 

Website which has been defaced are :-

Here are some pictures which they have uploaded on defaced webpage

protests need to be done with permission

Anthony Samy (40) who was shot dead while in protest in Kundamkulam 

They sell your markets to corporations who are hated even in their own country. 

DO YOU KNOW: You are paying 200% TAX on your fuel, [GAS,Petrol,Diesel] actual Selling price after profit is just below 37Rs.
Video Related to this which is also released by Anonymous India



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