An Arabic language news network “Al-Jazeera” website has been hacked by “Al-Rashedon” and we are providing a mirror of that webpage which was defaced because it is not live so watch it from here if you missed that.

The page of that website us designed by dark color and you can see that from the link given above and they have left a message in Arab and for our visitors we have converted that into English which was given below.

Hackers Voice

In response to your attitude against Syria, ( Syrian people and Government ) and your support to the Terrorist & Armed Groups, and sharing Fake news, your site has been hacked and this is our response to you. ( Al Rashedon hakcker group.)”

This is being said that The group “Al-Rashedon” is connected to and a part of “Syrian Electronic Army” but from the group there is no update on this , so be with us and subscribe us for daily updates via email.

 Here is list of the websites which was defaced





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