A group named 3xp1r3 Cyber Army which is basically Bangladeshi Hackers group and  we have talked about them various times in our previous posts that they are intimating Indian Hackers that they will hack Indian Websites and they are talking about some protest against Jammu , A news is coming that they have hacked some of the Indian Websites and they are giving some message to the Indian Hackers in that webpage which was defaced which is given below..

Hackers Voice

My Bengal of gold, I love you

Forever your skies, your air set my heart in tune

as if it were a flute,

In Spring, Oh mother mine, the fragrance from

your mango-groves makes me wild with joy-

Ah, what a thrill!

In Autumn, Oh mother mine,

in the full-blossomed paddy fields,

I have seen spread all over – sweet smiles!

Ah, what a beauty, what shades, what an affection

and what a tenderness!

What a quilt have you spread at the feet of

banyan trees and along the banks of rivers!

Oh mother mine, words from your lips are like

Nectar to my ears!

Ah, what a thrill!

If sadness, Oh mother mine, casts a gloom on your face,

my eyes are filled with tears!

-====–::..Hacked By:- 3xp1r3 Cyber Army..::-

\\\-_-///Dear,Indian Kids Hackers\\\-_-///
\\\-_-///\\\-_-///\\\-_-///We are like storm which is brewing & our shadow like thunder in the distance.
No one knows that how capable we are. So, don’t do anything more than you are capable of,
you will probably be unhappy if we stand against. Don’t Hack Bangladeshi websites again.

Don’t worry! Storm is not started yet; just wind blows slowly with a flash of light.
Take it as a precaution of a destructive storm.

So, guys think twice before facing a storm by crossing the limit otherwise you might be cried


\\\-_-///DaRkNeSs Is My Life!\\\-_-///
3xp1r3 Is My mind! Hating is My Business!
\\\-_-///H4ck!ng Is My Heart! Fucking DefaceMent Is My Hobby!\\\-_-///
Death Is My Wish!!
\\\-_-/// w3 ar3 Bangladeshi UnderGround Hacker 3xp1r3 Cyber Army \\\-_-///
N: B: We have no intension to Hack Bangladeshi and Islamic site.
If any Bangladeshi or Islamic Site is being defaced unfortunately under this mass defacement please
contact with us, we will recover your site as soon as possible.

We think that this war is not cyber war it is becoming country war day by day here is the link of that Google post by which we came to know

Here is the List of Websites which has been hacked  (all offline) are on : +Hack-DB



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