A Zero Day Hacking contest for Kids is being sponsored by AT&T, AT&T has teamed up with an only 11 year Old Hacker and Defcon kids, yes we are not joking with 11 year old hacker, this is basically based on finding the most Zero-Day bug in mobile app and who will win he/she will be awarded with $1000 and an I Pad. The contest was inspired by the mini-hacker’s discovery last

year of a whole new class of mobile app vulnerabilities.

This contest will be held in Las Vegas later in this Month July 27-29, 2012 at the Rio Hotel & Casino, According to Defcon this is the largest hacker gathering in the world.

About Defcon kids

DEFCON Kids is a not-for-profit dedicated to teaching kids around the world how to love being white-hat hacker.  A white-hat hacker is someone who enjoys thinking of innovative new ways to make, break and use anything to create a better world.

Here is a complete schedule list by Defcon Kids Group.



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