Anonymous Operation named # OpColtan have hacked AVX Corporation (
Who is AVX ?
AVX is a manufacturer and supplier of Electronic components, it is a big company which basically produce ceramic and tantalum capacitors, thick and thin film, connectors and many electric components
Hacker’s Voice

Usually Coltan was stealed by war groups from Congo mines and carried out to the firms. Million of people lost their lives in Congo war, nature was destroyed in order to dig coltan and a lots of gorillas were killed.Unfortunatelly UN decided to abandon the case and never punish the responsible of the war an nature devastation.”


“AVX and other involved firms published an ethical code in 2010; they claim that they don’t get tantalium from war areas.NOW a new civil war is growing up in Congo and is totally hypocrite to share DRC in different areas in order to say that some of these are war free.AVX, UN trial refused to punish you, but operationgreenrights doesn’t forget.”
This all Hack done by a SQLInjection attack on that site hackers entered by a SQL Injection bug and then took out all the sensitive information from the database of that site which includes 2900 of the sites client’s details with usernames, emails and encrypted passwords also and share them socially here-
“We ask for a new trial by the UN in order to investigate AVX’s activities and other major companies in the DRC and in other war areas. Naturally, the bad working conditions of miners and the respect for the ecosystem should be investigated. At the moment, Anonymous #Operationgreenrights continues in its effort to sort out the truth about the illegal ore trade.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We don’t forget.
We don’t forgive.
Except us!”



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