Today in this Modern era we all know that Computers are in every field and in cars Computer integrated systems is highly popular in these days, have you ever think that they can be attacked by virus. Most of the Vehicles use

Throttle-by-wire systems, which is used to control the throttle of the vehicles. In past Toyota had some problems like this so called unintended acceleration. 

Intel’s McAfee unit which is a company on which you trust to protect your computer and other computer integrated components, now it will handle this all and protect every components in the vehicle which are really advanced and computer integrated. McAfee is one of the team looking to protect automobiles from many bugs and viruses which could wreak havoc on tiny computers inside modern cars. 

“Ford is also taking this threat really seriously and taking action to prevent it” 

This is being said that from now there is no attack on cars by viruses but the researchers proved that so it can be really dangerous for people who don’t know much more about computer.



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