A Russian hacker named ZonD80 has recently bypassed the of Apple’s app store purchasing method by his method anyone can download the app from app store free of cost without purchasing and Apple is yet investigating about this, actually his hack basically bypass the payment method and give you application because the sever thinks that you have already purchased that application by reviews of many user it is being said that this hack is working and they have download many application by this.

A You tube video could explain you from  but it is banned by the copyright of Apple and ZonD80 is asking for donation to setup a website and promote his hack because he said “Why you must pay for content , already included in purchased application? I think you must not”
This hack is really simple for anyone, it does not require jail breaking it just need a minimal configuration changes which anyone can do easily
Steps to hack
  • Install the certificates CA and
  • Connect through Wi-Fi and change the DNS to
  • Press the like button and enter your Apple Id & Password
Using the above hack you are actually stealing the application from app and it is an illegal process doesn’t try this it is for education only.
Apple has responded with the following statement: “The security of the App Store is incredibly important to us and the developer community,” Apple representative Natalie Harrison. “We take reports of fraudulent activity very seriously and we are investigating.”



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