In this week you have seen that Hackers are everywhere and they have hacked Social site Formspring’s user passwords & By Yahoo voiceservice website they have hacked plain text passwords of 420,000 users we think that it is a big achievement for hackers and a great thing in that was there are variety of email address like,,


So again Phandroid’s Android forum website has been hacked and more than 1 Million user’s passwords has been stolen which includes username, email- address, hashed passwords and registration I.P address of the Forum.

I have some unfortunate news to pass along,” the post reads. “Yesterday I was informed by our sever/developer team that the server hosting was compromised and the website’s database was accessed. While the breach is most likely harmless, there are important and potential pitfalls, and we want to provide as much helpful information to our users as possible (without getting too technical).

What should you do?

If you are one of them so change the password immediately don’t take any risk to lose your data and information just go to control panel and change the password.

What will Phandroid do?

This is being said that Phandroid will continue to investigate actually how all of this has been done? The Exploit has been identified and resolved.  All code that resides in the database and the file system has been thoroughly reviewed for malicious edits and uploads.



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