Attention for all the users who are using app to see the Live Olympic match or Live Results of Olympic because an Anti- Malware and Antivirus solutions provider Webroot has issued a warning that an app called “London Olympic Widget” which is described as an

app that displays aggregated Olympic news Coverage in fact this app is actually stealing your all of the information of your device from which you are using that app and even it can read your messages also. 

The name of the package us “” and a certificate has also issued with this that it was developed in New Delhi India. 

For this type of scam in this app you will be redirected to a site in which you will think that you are really close to see the live Olympic Match because Hackers have developed that Malicious sites really professionally no one can guess that it is Malicious so be Aware from them. And Researchers explain the Crooks rely on Black Hat SEO Techniques to make sure to you that the website shows up among the first in Search Engine Optimization. 

Actually Hackers have their chance whenever these types of events came upon and then Hackers show their skills.



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